Recreational Gymnastics

Levels Gymnastics

Girls & Boys 5 to 14yrs

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Level 1 (60 mins. Class)

5 to 7 years or 8 years & older

Fundamentals are essential to the sport of gymnastics. Level 1 is designed for the beginner gymnast. In addition to learning basic skills, level 1 gymnasts learn the importance of muscular strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination. USAG Level 1 – Skill requirement incorporated

Level 2 (75 mins. Class)

5 to 7 years or 8 years & older

Traditional gymnastics includes four events: floor, uneven bars, balance beam, and vault. In order to move up to level 2, a gymnast must master all the required skills from level 1. USAG Level 2 – Skill requirement incorporated

Level 3 (90 mins. Class)

Refining form, technique, strength, and endurance training needed to advance within the sport of gymnastics. USAG Level 3 – Skill requirement incorporated

* All children will be initially placed in the appropriate class based on age and prior experience. However, adjustments to placement may be made once the teacher has had an opportunity to assess, more accurately, the child’s skill level. Parent approval will be required prior to implementing the recommended changes.