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Parent Child

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Our highly trained teachers are excited to give your child an exciting gymnastics experience, while teaching them on gymnastics equipment that is built specifically for their size and needs. Our fun-filled lesson plans include skills that will continue to develop strength, flexibility, and coordination by being introduced to basic gymnastics positions and skills.

Crawlin’ & Cruisin’

Crawling – Walking (6-15 mo):  This class will introduce your child to new and exciting experiences!  Circle tiME, exploration tiME, and game tiME will give your little ones practice on how to use those muscles!  Learning how to play with friends, clean up activities, and sensory stimulation to help promote brain development.  Perfect for children who are just crawling to children just learning how to walk!

Movin’ & Groovin’

Walking to 24 mo:  About now your child is eager to begin to explore the world of the unknown.  This is a fun filled class that takes your child’s physical skills to the next level.  This gently structured program starts to develop your toddler’s movement, motor, & cognitive skills through dynamic physical activities, while introducing them to a unified class experience.

Leaps & Bounds

25 – 36 mo:  In this class, parents are now considered teacher’s helper. Your child will begin to learn skills and movements through your guidance and demonstration. Children are just beginning to ask WHY or HOW? This is our opportunity to demonstrate the WHY and HOW of locomotor skills. (Mat tiME room).  Through circle tiME, exploration tiME, and game tiME, your active toddler will begin to practice obstacle courses, socialize with friends, and how to follow simple step directions.  We have so much fun!