Early Steps to Big Adventures

Welcome to the vibrant world of early childhood exploration at gym tiME, where every step is an adventure in learning and growth!

Each class is designed to ignite curiosity, foster development, and make learning an enjoyable experience.

Join us for these formative years where fun, discovery, and development go hand in hand!

A young toddler with her coach practicing walking on a balance beam in a gymnastics class, with the coach holding a green ball.

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A group of children playing with a large, colorful parachute in a vibrant gymnastics gym.

“gym tiME has been such a positive experience for Paulie. When I signed him up for classes he wasn’t even crawling yet and now 8 weeks later he is crawling fast and beginning to cruise. His balance is great and I credit a lot of that to gym tiME. I use the “tips” that Meghan gives me at home all the time! We love Miss Meghan and gym tiME.”


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