Tumbling Classes

Tumbling Classes

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“Cheernastics” is a common phrase to describe this type of class. This is designed for athletes interested in learning specific tumbling skills, skills in this class are limited to floor only.

All pre-requisites MUST be met prior to entering each class. But what most students do not understand is that a back handspring (and other skills) come from building blocks. That is why gymtiME offers 4 different tumbling levels, to help the student progress at the correct speed! Skipping basics or NOT training with a certified instructor will lead to poor technique that can cause safety issues, injuries, and inability to progress to more difficult skills down the road.

Tumble 1: Basic

Pre-Requisites: Little to no prior tumbling or gymnastic experience needed.

Class Skills: Handstand, Cartwheel, Bridges, Handstand Bridge, Bridge Kickover, Back walkovers, Starting Round offs

Tumbling 2:

Pre- Requisites: Unassisted – Back Walkover, Handstand Hold into Bridge, Kickover

Review/Refined: Front Walkover, Back Walkover

Class Skills: Back Handspring (Beginner to unassisted) Round off, Front Handspring

Tumbling 3:

Pre-Requisites: Standing Back Handspring on Floor unassisted

Review/Refined: Back Handspring, Front Handspring

Class Skills: Round off BHS, Round off BHS/BHS, Starting Drills for Standing Tuck, Roundoff Tuck, Roundoff BHS Tuck,

Tumble 4:

Pre-Requisites: Roundoff BHS Tuck

Review/Refined: BHS, FHS, Standing Tuck

Class Skills: Standing BHS Tuck, Starting Layout Drills (Progression to Fulls), Front Tumbling – Front Handspring, Punch Front, Aerials