For missed classes, each student is entitled to 2 excused absences during each session.  **For all Levels Classes (1 – 4), Tumbling Classes (1 – 4), Ninja Parkour (5 & up), make-up procedure is as follows:

Make up Dates (FALL 2021 SESSION -TBD)

**If a student is unable to attend their designated make-up night, they can be placed on a wait-list for another make-up date of your choice.  Wait-listed students are NOT guaranteed a spot in the alternate date chosen.** 

**If a student is a NO SHOW for their make-up night, they forfeit one of their allotted make-ups** 

**If your child is going to miss a make-up night that he/she is already registered for, please notify the front desk 24 hrs prior so that he/she can be put on a wait-list for another make-up night*

Students will attend their designated make-up night for the same amount of time as their class. Students are more than welcome to stay for additional time.

This Make-Up Policy will ensure an accurate student:teacher ratio, ensuring quality instruction in a safe environment!

MINI-PREP, PREP, & XCEL TEAMS:  Please refer to your coach for appropriate make-up days.  Xcel Prep and Mini-Prep can attend Xcel Bronze or one of our Make up nights to make up any missed classes. Please confirm with your coach first and then schedule with the front desk.


For missed classes, each student is entitled to 2 excused absences during each session (Fall, Winter, Spring). Make-up classes will be taken in the same class, but at an alternate time. Please check our schedule for additional days your classes are offered. Please schedule your make up with our front desk.


Make-up classes are limited to the current session – they cannot be applied to future sessions, transferred to another child or refunded. We require scheduling your make-ups in advance, as we cannot accommodate make-ups if a class is already at full capacity. Not all of our programs can provide a make-up class. In the instance that a make-up class is not available, gym time will offer a substitute class.

If you have any questions regarding our make-up policy, please speak with our front desk for details.


To read our full Code of Conduct Policy, please click HERE.

Refund Policy:

Prior to the 1st scheduled class: 100% Refund will be provided.

Prior to the 3rd scheduled class: A pro-rated refund (minus the 3 classes) will be provided.

After the 3rd scheduled class: NO refunds will be provided.

If you selected the 3-payment option, the remaining balance will be charged upon withdrawal of class.

We must receive written/verbal notification of all withdrawals.


Special Events:  We require at least 24hr notice if you child cannot attend a special event that he/she is already registered for.  Refunds will be given ONLY if the event is not sold out.  For sold out events, if we are able to fill your spot, a refund will be given.  Any questions, please contact our Front Desk.

Payment Options:

Effective 3/23/15 gym tiME will be using a NEW Software Program. The following are requirements of the new software.

We ENCOURAGE ONLINE REGISTRATION WITH OUR NEW APP – Procedures are MUCH EASIER with the new program. See Registration/Register on any main tab.

ALL PAYMENTS may be paid by utilizing 1 of the 3 options:

  1. Paid in FULL – Via Credit Card (Visa, MC, Discover) Cash or Check
  2. 3 Payment Option – Credit Card Auto Pay * See Registration Tab
  3. 3 Payment Option – e Banking Auto Pay * See Registration Tab

LATE PAYMENT PENALTY: All payments MUST be received on the scheduled due date. A $10 Late Fee will be charged for payments that are 5 days or more late.


DECLINED PAYMENTS:  Declined payments are subject to a $10 penalty.  1 declined payment per family, per session will be waived.  Any additional declined payments will incur the $10 penalty.

DISCOUNTS: Multiple Children and Multiple Class discounts are available, please speak to a receptionist for details. All Online Registration will apply discounts PRIOR to processing fee.

Class Attire Policy:

  • Parent/Child Classes: Parents – NO shoes Children – Comfortable Clothes, NO SHOES or SOCKS
  • Pre-School Gymnastics: Comfortable Clothes or Leotards – NO SHOES or SOCKS
  • Level Gymnastics: Form fitted clothing or leotard – NO SOCKS (gymnastic shoes are permitted) – Hair Back in Pony Tail
  • Sports Classes: Athletic Attire and Sneakers
  • Dance Classes: Form fitted clothing or leotard/tutu – DANCE SHOES REQUIRED

Sibling Policy:

Parent/Child Classes: Younger siblings can come to class as long as they are in a snuggly or car seat; no stroller. Older siblings are not permitted in the room during class. In an emergency situation an older sibling must attend they must sit to the side with minimal distractions. If an older child is to participate it must be approved by the teacher and a class fee will be charged. If a class is at its maximum capacity they may not participate.

Gymnastics/Tumbling/Ninja Classes: No older or younger siblings allowed in any of these classes.

Non-Parent Class Policy:

All classes offered for children ages 3 and older are to be taken WITHOUT parent involvement. We understand that some children require a transition period in order to leave mom and dad so we will work with you and your child to make this a smooth transition.

Please speak with your child prior to class so they know that you are not allowed to enter the room with them. There are several tricks we use at gym tiME to assist our little ones so if there are some difficulties please speak with your child’s teacher and we will work together to make this a positive experience.

PARENTS are NOT ALLOWED in the classroom while the class is in session for any reason. It is very difficult to maintain the attention of young children. Thank you for your understanding.