Ninja Warrior Parkour


Class Offerings:

Lil Ninja Warrior Parkour: 3 & 4 year olds

Are your little ones obsessed with American Ninja Warrior? Are they constantly jumping and flipping over your furniture? Lil Ninjas will be introduced to basic Ninja Warrior Parkour skills. This class is designed to
progress skills by incorporating strength and flexibility exercises into their tumbling, jumping, swinging,
and balancing drills. Small obstacles courses will be utilized to have your little flippers learn safe ways to incorporate Ninja skills into their everyday life.

Ninja Warrior Parkour Level 1: 5 & up

PR: No experience needed

Ninja Warrior Parkour Level 2: 5 & up

PR: Unassisted mastered Handstand, Cartwheel and Bridge on Floor, Pullover on Bar and re-grip swings

Similar to Levels classes; Parkour is split into 2 levels depending on the students individual mastered skill set. All Pre-Requisites are required in order to assure safety and proper skill progression.